Monday, December 22, 2014

Chick With A Dick With A B5?!?

So I just finished a six week run of the most reverent and beautiful show I've had the privilege to be a part of, All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914.  Now I embark on what will surely be the most irreverent, crazy and colorful show I have been in yet, Jerry Springer the Opera.  Yes, it is a real opera set to a Jerry Springer show!!  "WTF?" Right?!  I am playing a male-to-female half-transitioned transsexual named Tremont (hence the "Chick with a dick" title of this post).  Tremont is the other other woman in a love square (that's a love triangle with one more person, for those of you who lack common sense).  So Dwight (Zak Farmer) is cheating on his wife (Taylor Pietz) and mistress (Lindsey Jones) with the lady with something extra (Me).  It'll be interesting, to say the least.
Though I've played a drag queen before (on stage and in real life on occasion), this role presents a few new challenges.  I'm no longer scared of stilettos, as I mastered running up and down flights of steps in them in Rent with my balls inside my body and junk strapped back, which fortunately I will not have to endure for this show.  I am, however, going to have to keep a straight face while making out with Zak Farmer...before bitch fighting with Lindsey and Taylor! 

...and then there's the B6.  I don't know that I'll be able to adequately put this in perspective for those of you who don't know music.
A strong Tenor 1 range normally goes up to a B4 or a C5.  For example, the high note at the end of "Bring Him Home" in Les Misérables is an A4 (well within the normal tenor range, and traditionally sang in falsetto).  Tremont sings more than an entre octave above that.  It's fucking high.  Ridiculous high!!!  In Rent I had to sing/scream an E5 in "Contact", which was an enormous challenge and strain on my voice.  Tremont will take me 4 notes higher than that!  Why satan why????  With the aid of my voice teacher I was able to siren out a B5 a couple of times this past Friday.  I'm not sure yet if I will be able to form words at that pitch, or if it will remain a sound that only dogs can hear.  Either way it fucking terrifies me!  Which terrifies me even more.  Music is the one area where I'm most confident, but this music makes me want to poop my fucking pants.  
All that being said, I'm so excited to take on the challenge that is this crazy ass show, and see what happens with these insane freaks I call my friends!  Meanwhile I'll be watching Jerry Springer episodes on my DVR (the most fun character research ever), and making siren noises everywhere I go until that fucking B5 feels really god damn good!!!