Friday, January 16, 2015

Jerk Till I Bleed

This pretty much sums up how I think most of us feel when looking at the Jerry Springer score!  This shit is insane.  Without a doubt the most difficult music I have ever read or sung in my life.  I keep hearing that opera is easier to memorize than traditional theatre music, but that statement has yet to be proven true.  We are almost through the learning of the music, and for the most part I still have no fucking clue what I'm doing.  The solo stuff is easy.  Picking your part out of a 6-part dissonant chord with competing melody and harmony lines on top is no easy task.  I've pretty much been coming home from rehearsals and, as best as I can, plunking out my parts on the keyboard so I know what I'm actually supposed to sing.  Did I mention that I have taken one music theory class in my life, over a decade ago, and I never learned to properly sight read?  I even took piano lessons for nine years as a kid, but always tricked my teacher into playing the songs for me first so I knew what they were supposed to sound like, and then I learned them by ear.  I'm actually pretty efficient at that now, but I wish I had payed more attention in lessons.  Furthermore, most of the tenor parts are written in bass clef, which I really REALLY can't read for shit.  I literally have to count the lines up or down to know what the next note is, whereas on the treble clef (where tenor parts are usually written) I know what the notes are just by looking at them.

Maybe I'm being overly dramatic (imagine that from a theatre person).  I know I will get it though.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to music, and refuse to let myself be the weak link.  It's just a bit daunting is all!  This show is definitely going to require me practicing every single day, not only to get the notes right, but to sing in the incredibly high range that my role requires.  Luckily, I have an awesome voice teacher, who I know will guide me through this music without allowing me to wreck my voice in the process.

On the up-side...I got to try on my wig the other night.  All I can say is #tackystcharlessoccermomrealness   I am extremely excited for this show.  It is unlike anything I have ever done before, and will be a great learning experience.   The profanity is palpable, and as one could expect, this show is FILLED with fun little ear-worms, many of which I get to sing myself.  I shall leave you with a new favorite line of my own!

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