Saturday, February 21, 2015


Well, the show is fully blocked, and we've got a few full runs under our belts.  The set is up and is beautiful (I can't wait to see it with lights).  Publicity photos are done, most of the costumes are done. We are 90% off book.  Things are really coming together, characters are emerging, and we are in great shape for having a week and a half to go before we open.  Also, I had my first make-out sesh with Zak Farmer on Thursday night, and it was quite aggressive.  If there's one moment of true shock value in the show, that's it!  All I can say better fucking prepare yourselves...and wear depends!
We are at the point where the stress starts to subside, and rehearsals get really fun because we are all exploring and experimenting with various character choices.  There's a lot of great material to play with in this show too.  I just can't wait to get in front of an audience and finally be able to gauge how people are going to respond.  Each new character I've played in the last year has been exponentially more crazy than the last, and it's really fun to get to break my typecast and show folks that I can do other things.
Anyway, here are the publicity photos.  I'm the one in the leopard print mini dress!

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