Friday, February 13, 2015

Lose The Facial Hair And You Might Find A Pimp!

Not a whole lot to say, but we have the entire show blocked!  Our set goes up this weekend, and starting Monday we will be running the show on set, off book (for the most part).  Fortunately, the music is getting easier now that we all know what it's supposed to sound like.  I am about 75% off book at this point, so I'm not too terribly worried.  I'm excited to get the scripts out of our hands and see what kind of character choices everyone makes.
In other news, our promo photo shoot is next Tuesday, so it looks as though this hairy guy has a long weekend of waxing ahead of him.  Don't worry, I did it for Rent last year and it wasn't so bad...but then again, I was drunk!

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