Saturday, March 28, 2015

It Could Last Forever, But Usually It Lasts About A Month!

You know...I didn't think I'd be sad about saying goodbye to this show.  Tremont has kicked my ass in multiple ways.  During the run I lost my voice completely for a night, I've run into a wall in a dark hallway, chipped a tooth, bruised my knees, slipped in my own drool, cut myself shaving, been punched in the face forcing an eyelash to pop off, lost 8/10 fake nails before deciding to paint my own instead, broke my angel wings during a dance number and danced the rest of the song with the wings dragging on the floor hanging from my neck, lost my mic pack while dancing and shoved it into the front pouch of my thong subsequently forcing my genitals out the side of the thing and then dancing the rest of the number with my dick and balls hanging out, and probably a slew of other things I'm forgetting!
Despite all of these minor disasters this show has been the most fun I've ever had on stage. The last year for me has been all about breaking my typecast, which is usually the sweet romantic lead. I have played a street performing drag queen, a marine with PTSD, a marker sniffing cooking spray huffing road killing lunatic, a variety of WWI soldiers from different ethnic backgrounds, and now a tacky half transsexual; up next I'm playing a thief in Threepenny and an asshole marine in Dogfight!!  It all sure looks great on my résumé.  It's even more fun to do all of these exciting new things...things I have not gotten to do before.  I've discovered that I love playing the villain, the asshole, the clown. In fact, I've excelled at these things!  Tremont has been the most ridiculous comedy role I've played, and certainly the most exciting. I mean, how can one not get excited by the idea of climbing Zak Farmer like a tree while making out with him and exclaiming "Lick my tits" and "All PUSSY"!?!  It's the stuff dreams are made of.  Career defining roles (I hope not!). 
This cast has been incredibly supportive and protective of each other. That's part of why I love New Line so much. We really are a family. We have each other's backs, and only want the best for each other and the show. The creativity of each individual pushes everyone else to deliver their best.  I love these freaks!  So much. 
Anyway, we strike the set tonight after our final show, which is always super weird. You get used to the set being up and don't recognize the empty stage anymore once it's all taken down. It's like a funeral in a way.  I am sad to see this one go, but happy to not have to sing a full octave above my natural range anymore, shave my entire body daily, sunless tan myself, and spend two hours nightly getting into makeup hair and costume.  
The most exciting thing of all is...I CAN DRINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave up alcohol, caffeine, and pretty much anything else that's really bad for you for this show. I haven't had anything since New Year's Eve!  I am happy to know that I have the willpower to exercise that kind of self control as needed. I didn't cheat a single time throughout. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my wine and margaritas, so that's a pretty huge achievement.  Tonight I will be drink-striking the show!  
Thank you to Scott, Dowdy and New Line for putting on this ridiculous show and for giving us the opportunity to do something most of us will never get the chance to do again (I mean, how likely is it that Jerry Springer the Opera is ever going to be produced on a regular basis?).  Thank you to Rob for our beautiful set and light design and awesome tech!  Thanks Sarah for your fucking are superhuman to accomplish all that you have in this show!  Thank you Jeffrey for the outstanding musical direction...we would be lost as hell without you!  Thank you to the awesome sexy band.  Thank you to Gabe and Ben and Alex for being the bad asses you are!  Thank you to the incredible cast.  You guys are all awesome and it's so much fun to share the stage with you every night!
Now...LETS FUCKIN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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